Education Begins in the Home with Tutor Doctor Franchisee Misty Sheffield

Misty Lathem Sheffield, the director of Tutor Doctor in Cherokee County, was searching for an alternative for her child who needed extra help in math and in-home tutoring was the perfect solution.


“The convenience of someone coming into my home was perfect,” Misty explained.  “It took the tension out of the relationship with my kids because I wasn’t fighting the homework battle.”


Before opening her Tutor Doctor franchise, Misty worked as a paralegal for over twenty years.


She realized there was something inside that wasn’t being fulfilled and knew she wanted to work with families.  She decided to purchase a Tutor Doctor franchise because she says, “I need the feeling of giving something back.”


How does it work?


“When a person calls me and says their child needs help, I sit with them in their home and meet with the parents and student,” Misty explains. A consultation follows as the child is assessed. “What is your favorite subject? Least favorite? What do you want to be when you grow up?”


These are big questions, but there is a way to reach those dreams and make them real.


Tutor Doctor strives to do just that!


Misty shares in the experience of her students, “I really enjoy helping students succeed. It is very rewarding.”


There is an emotional side involved in tutoring as well. Misty recalls the story of a young girl who moved to Cherokee County from Kentucky. She was behind Georgia standards, due to different curriculum requirements, and she didn’t like school anymore. “She just needed help to get caught up.” Tutor Doctor did just that. Misty says, “She likes school again. She’s feeling smart again.” What a gift for a struggling child!


That attitude lasts, as confidence is instilled. “When a tutor says ‘you are bright,’ it is different than when a parent says it,” says Misty.


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