Former Air Force Commander Flies to Top of Tutor Doctor Executive Team

Tutor Doctor's new Vice President of Operations may seem familiar to some. Bob Rosedale is not only a former Air Force Colonel, he was Tutor Doctor’s first franchisee in Idaho. For Bob, transitioning from successful franchisee to a post at the our home office was a natural progression.

He has a wealth of varied experience, and we about what this will mean for Tutor Doctor operations going forward. As the leader of a training squadron in the Air Force, Bob transformed young officers into pilots who were ready for worldwide missions. As a franchisee, he applied those same concepts to build confidence and discipline among students. His newest post allows him to combine all of his skillsets and to share learnings and create best practices that the entire Tutor Doctor franchise system can benefit from.

“Being process oriented, having a strong sense of self-discipline, taking calculated risks…these are all skills business owners rely on,” Bob said. “Teaching young students the importance of hard work, self-confidence and resilience to overcome challenges were integral parts of running of my franchise, and I’m carrying those same principles into my role as VP of Operations at the home office.”

As a franchisee, Bob has always been an innovator. Early on, he recognized that many students struggle in school mainly because they don’t have the academic discipline to organize projects, manage their time, prioritize tasks, or think long-term. With this in mind, he designed X-Skills program to help students build these organizational and “executive” skills to help them in school and beyond. It worked so well, it was rolled out across the entire Tutor Doctor system.

“Bob’s extensive experience in the military and as a franchisee gives him tremendous street credibility with our franchise owners,” said Tutor Doctor President Frank Milner. “He has already proven to be an incredible asset to Tutor Doctor. He will be instrumental in shaping the company’s core set of processes as we continue to grow domestically and in global markets.”


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